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The Buzz List: Ellie Chalkley

THE BUZZ LIST: Lisa-Jayne Lewis
Ellie Chalkley
Ewan Spence
Samantha Ross
Alasdair Rendall

Ellie Chalkley

Favourite Winners: Molitva – Marija Serifovic (Serbia 2007); Wild Dances – Ruslana (Ukraine 2004)

Unsung Heroes: The weird, the artistic and the misunderstood. Three Minutes To Earth (Georgia 2014), Työlki Ellää (Finland 2010); Lonely Symphony (UK 1994); Anti Crisis Girl (Ukraine 2009)

Magical Moment: My first experience of being in the actual Eurovision arena was during a rehearsal of Jamala’s 1944. It was like having all my emotions turned up to 11.

You may have heard/seen/read him/her on: BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire, ESC Insight, guest on the ESC Insight Juke Box Jury podcast and ESC 2016 podcasts from Stockholm. Host of the Keep Dancing Podcast (Strictly fan podcast).

Ellie grew up as a fan of prog rock, metal and folk music, so it wasn’t immediately obvious that she’d become a Eurovision fan, but totally fell in love with the festival of creativity, togetherness, spangly frocks and extravagant pyrotechnics. She’s been blogging her appreciation for all things Eurovision since 2003, leading to joining Ewan Spence’s ESC Insight in 2016 as a regular contributor. Stockholm 2016 proved such a joyful experience that she started a European alternative music recommendations website Listen Outside to keep the new music flowing all year round, and now hosts The Keep Dancing Podcast for fans of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. She’s particularly interested in the geopolitical and human rights activism aspects of Eurovision, and would absolutely love it if Iceland won the Contest.