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Welcome to our news aggregator. Here you will find all the latest news and information from the official channel as well as many of the fan media outlets who report on the contest throughout the year.


ESC Insight

  • Eurovision Insight Podcast: Now For The Tours
    More tour dates from your favourite artists, selection news for Junior Eurovision, and Måneskin slowly taking over the world. All that and more in the latest Insight News podcast.The post Eurovision Insight Podcast: Now For The Tours appeared…

    5 days ago 11 Jun 21, 4:06pm
  • Eurovision Insight Podcast: We’re Top Of The Pops
    From the viewing figures, to the charts, to the awards, it feels like everyone loves Eurovision this year! All that and more in the latest Insight News podcast.The post Eurovision Insight Podcast: We’re Top Of The Pops appeared first on ESC In…

    12 days ago 4 Jun 21, 4:42pm
  • Which 2020 National Finals Sent The Right Artists To Rotterdam?
    As the ESC Insight team return to normal life after the uniqueness of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, Elaine O'Neill looks back over the National Final season to find out which broadcasters made the correct song choice for Rotterdam... in 2020.The…

    14 days ago 2 Jun 21, 2:34pm
  • Eurovision Insight Podcast: Buonasera, Signore e Signori
    We have our winner! Safe in the knowledge that the Eurovision Song Contest has made it through Rotterdam, it’s time to look forward to the future in the latest ESC Insight podcast.The post Eurovision Insight Podcast: Buonasera, Signore e Signo…

    19 days ago 28 May 21, 5:11pm
  • Nine Things To Expect From Italy And Eurovision 2022
    As Eurovision say goodbye to Rotterdam, plans will already be started on RAI's hosting of the Song Contest in Italy next year. From Allora to Zlatan, Ewan Spence thinks about what we can expect.The post Nine Things To Expect From Italy And Eurovisio…

    22 days ago 25 May 21, 4:37pm
  • Eurovision Insight Podcast: Our Final Daily News From Rotterdam, Saturday 22nd May
    What a show, what a fortnight, what a season. As the curtain falls on the Italian victory, the ESC Insight team and good good friends gather one last time to talk over the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 on our final daily podcast.The post Eurovision I…

    24 days ago 23 May 21, 2:38pm
  • The First Podcast After Italy’s Eurovision 2021 Win
    Spoiler... Italy has won the 65th Eurovision Song Contest. And as the credits rolled, Ross Middleton and Ewan Spence bounced around the room to record a podcast. It's a bit rough and ready, but it's that joyous feeling we all know that only Eurovisio…

    25 days ago 23 May 21, 1:44am
  • Sometimes They Don’t Come Back
    Before it was cancelled, 41 acts were set to perform at Eurovision 2020. As we approach 2021's Grand Final, 26 of those acts have returned for a second chance. Erik Nelson finds out what happened to the other fifteen?The post Sometimes They Don&rsqu…

    25 days ago 22 May 21, 3:45pm


ESC Daily

On Europe

  • 15 June – Just lovely flowers in your hair
    That thing when you’ve tried for years to do something. And then when you get to do that thing you’ve been yearning for, you end up feeling disappointed. It’s happened to us all. It makes you wonder why you bother. There is always t…

    1 day ago 15 Jun 21, 3:00pm
  • 14 June – Liberalism, tourism, nudism, optimism it is good for rheumatism
    Don’t you just love those ‘novelty’ entries? There have been plenty, to varying degrees of success. One or two have even won. I’ll let you work out which. Of course, these novelties sometimes have a message, even if it’s…

    2 days ago 14 Jun 21, 3:00pm
  • 13 June – Drum, drum, drum
    When an act takes to the Eurovision stage, there will be have been a whole lot of planning to decide costumes, backing singers and dancers, and setting. At least, we hope there have been planning meetings. Today’s birthday girl Dihaj (né…

    3 days ago 13 Jun 21, 3:00pm
  • 12 June – I’m gonna give you hell
    It’s an old adage that anyone can won our favourite TV show. If the song’s good enough, it’ll shine through. And past performance is no guide to future performance. Take France for example, only going and finishing second in Rotterd…

    4 days ago 12 Jun 21, 3:00pm
  • 11 June – I call out to the horizons to the stubborn heavens
    Our favourite TV show always has noble aims, whether it’s to find something that all/most Europeans like, or just to bring people together in a way that politicians can’t. We should celebrate that fact we’re all in this together. Wh…

    5 days ago 11 Jun 21, 3:00pm
  • Where did your favourite finish? – Part 2 – The Middle eerm Nine!
    And so on we plough! 18th Norway So the message that he was a fallen angel and he was recovering from all his fears sadly fell on deaf ears with the jurors.  Presumably they just saw a guy in a preposterous costume – apart from in Ireland…

    6 days ago 10 Jun 21, 6:55pm

ESC Today

Eurovision Times

  • Eurovision Times Awards 2021
    Eurovision 2021 – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to do more games and contests! This year we resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes (the Fridas) for the best in every c…

    10 days ago 6 Jun 21, 4:47pm
  • ET Aftermath 2021
    It is time for our “Aftermath” contest! Every year we share our views on the acts from The Eurovision Song Contest (well except for last year)! However before, we really didn’t have a platform to share our combined personal views on…

    14 days ago 2 Jun 21, 7:55pm
  • Italy Wins Eurovision 2021!
    Eurovision 2021 – Europe, we have a winner! And it was as exciting as ever! After a long season and a very nerve-breaking vote (25pts difference in the end), Måneskin has won the contest for Italy with Zitti E Buoni! It’s the t…

    25 days ago 22 May 21, 11:47pm
  • Eurovision 2021: Marcel Bezençon Awards
    Eurovision 2021 – Before we know who won the contest, there were also Marcel Bezençon Awards that were distributed tonight, which give out three more honorary titles. Check out who won a trophee too! The Press Award is self explanatory r…

    25 days ago 22 May 21, 9:55pm


Eurovision Quick Links

  • Malta 1996‘In A Woman’s Heart’, performed by...
    Malta 1996‘In A Woman’s Heart’, performed by Miriam Christine.Composition: Paul Abela.Lyrics: Alfred C. Sant.It’s quite clearly a product of the nineties. It’s a very safe implementation of R&B that takes no risks. A…

    26 Sep 18, 11:24am
  • Belarus 2021 - Shuma - Dreva

    Belarus 2021 - Shuma - Dreva

    (Click here if you can't see the video panel above…)With the Belarussian regime clearly using this year's Eurovision Song Contest to try and prove a political point and sending both a song and an act that were never going to meet the favour of…

    92 days ago 16 Mar 21, 11:54am
  • Schlagertastic 1980s: Number 45!!!

    Schlagertastic 1980s: Number 45!!!

    No.45: "Go" - Scott Fitzgerald (United Kingdom, 1988)To be honest, back in 1988 the teenage Schlagerboys were oblivious to the majesty of the United Kingdom entry; at the time we were distracted by Denmark. However, twenty eight years later we c…

    16 Sep 16, 6:48pm
  • ESC 2021: I say it because I care

    ESC 2021: I say it because I care

     In a statement to Aftonbladet's Torbjörn Ek, the EBU has responded to the questions raised around Moldova's odd-looking results from the televoting in the second semi final. The EBU maintains all votes have been verified by their part…

    22 days ago 25 May 21, 3:03pm

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