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The Buzz List: Alasdair Rendall

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Alasdair Rendall

Alasdair Rendall
London (with strong connections to Scotland & East Anglia)
07855 457747

Favourite Winners: Marija Serifovic, Serbia’07; Johnny Logan, Ireland ‘80/’87

Unsung Heroes: Robert Bellarosa, Belgium ’13

Magical Moment: Introducing Kaliopi, live on stage at the London Eurovision Party, in my capacity as OGAE UK President.

You may have heard/seen/read him on: 5 Live; BBC Radio Scotland; BBC Radio Humberside; BBC News Online; Daily Mail; The Guardian; Radio International; Gateway FM

Alasdair was introduced to Eurovision in 1988, by 1991 he was the youngest member (aged 10) of the Eurovision fan club, and is now President of OGAE UK, the world’s biggest Eurovision fan club. Since being elected President, he has contributed to many news outlets on all things Eurovision. He is also the promoter of Eurofest, launched in 2012 and now the UK’s biggest Eurovision club night, and the venue for Conchita Wurst’s first ever UK performance. Alasdair spent many years as a broadcast journalist, including a long spell as a producer and reporter for the BBC’s Parliament Channel, and now works as a senior press officer in the Houses of Parliament.