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  • A Face for the Music: Eurovision presenters over the years
    Choosing a presenter for the Eurovision Song Contest can be a challenge for the Host Broadcaster since these individuals effectively become the face of the show. Fronting a large international primetime production, one of the biggest in the world, is…

    13 Oct 16, 3:00pm
  • Meet the Golden Girl of Eurovision - Lys Assia!
    The first ever Eurovision Song Contest took place 60 years ago in Lugano, Switzerland. Lys Assia became the first winner of the competition, representing Switzerland with her song Refrain. Lys is the only Swiss contestant to have ever won the Eurovi…

    11 Oct 16, 3:00pm
  • Celebrating Swedish success
    Sweden is one of the most successful countries in the Eurovision Song Contest with six victories to date, coming second behind Ireland's record-breaking seven wins. Sweden has been in the top five countries in four of the last five contests including…

    7 Oct 16, 3:00pm
  • Who is your favourite presenter from the 1980s?
    Over the next few weeks we will be paying tribute to some of the presenters of the Eurovision Song Contest from over the years. Today we travel back in time to the 1980s. The decade is often remembered as a time of big hair, stonewashed denim, large…

    5 Oct 16, 3:00pm
  • Milestone Moments: 2014 - Conchita rises like a phoenix
    Austria has had mixed results in the Eurovision Song Contest over the years. The country has finished last on eight occasions and before 2014, Austria had not reached the top five since 1989. All that changed two years ago when Conchita Wurst scored…

    1 Oct 16, 7:30am
  • The top ten most watched videos in September
    There have been nearly two billion views on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel since it was was launched in 2007. The most popular video ever is the music video of Lena's winning entry for Germany from 2010, Satellite, which has rec…

    30 Sep 16, 3:00pm
  • Milestone Moments: 2012 - Euphoric excitement in the East
    In 2012 the Eurovision Song Contest travelled to Azerbaijan's capital Baku, the most eastern Eurovision host city to date. The venue for the competition, the Crystal Hall, was built especially for the contest in just under eight months. Singer Loree…

    29 Sep 16, 3:00pm
  • 17 countries to participate in Junior Eurovision in Malta
    17 countries are set to compete in the 14th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The contest, which is taking place in Valletta for the second time in 3 years on 20th November, will be hosted by Maltese public broadcaster PBS at the Medit…

    28 Sep 16, 12:03pm


ESC Insight

  • Sing Sang Song: Wyn Hoop’s Musical Journey From Bonne Nuit To The Mediterranean
    Marcus Keppel-Palmer starts his look back at the life of some of the performers from the earlier days of the Eurovision Song Contest. Today, the clock winds back to 1960, and West Germany’s Wyn Hoop.The post Sing Sang Song: Wyn Hoop’s Musical Jo…

    10 days ago 5 Jul 18, 11:16am
  • Eurovision Insight Podcast: Eurovision Castaways with Wiv Kristiansen
    We’re opening up Île de Bezençon for the summer, and inviting our favourite Eurovision people to bring their best loved Eurovision related songs and stories. Our next guest for the summer of 2018 is Wiv Kristiansen of ESCXtra, who is full of stor…

    19 days ago 26 Jun 18, 9:41pm
  • Nixon Vs Kennedy: Unlocking The Eurovision Song Contest Through The Radio
    What happens when you strip away the ‘Vision’ from the Eurovision Song Contest? As part of the first US radio broadcast of the Song Contest, Ewan Spence looks at the impact of ‘all sound, no visuals’ on the Contest, and how it can help to exp…

    26 days ago 19 Jun 18, 10:24am
  • Eurovision Insight Podcast: Lisbon 2018’s Radio Preshow
    Join Ewan Spence and Lisa-Jayne Lewis on Radio Six International and listen again to a cavalcade of Eurovision guests including Australia's Jessica Mauboy, Germany's Michale Schulte, the EBU's Jon Ola Sand, and RTE's Marty Whelan in the hour before L…

    34 days ago 11 Jun 18, 2:22pm
  • Remembering Teddy Johnson: Bringing The Fun To Eurovision
    While Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson sung “Where we promised our true love, for all eternity” to each other, their little birdie was the a catalyst that changed the Eurovision Song Contest. As Ewan Spence discovers, this wasn’t the first time Ted…

    38 days ago 7 Jun 18, 6:36pm
  • Eurovision Insight News Podcast: Chilled Tunnocks
    Spain's viral miss, Eurovision legends for the summer, and advice from the press room Tunnocks wafer. Ewan Spence and ESC Insight catch up on news from the world of the Eurovision Song Contest.The post Eurovision Insight News Podcast: Chilled Tunnoc…

    41 days ago 4 Jun 18, 7:00pm
  • Eurovision Insight Podcast: Eurovision Castaways Live, with Slavko Kalezić
    We’re opening up Île de Bezençon for the summer, and inviting our favourite Eurovision people to bring their best loved Eurovision-related songs and stories. Our first guest for the 2018 seaon is Slavko Kalezić, who brings us his Song Contest lo…

    46 days ago 30 May 18, 11:45am
  • How Our Patreon Supported ESC Insight During Eurovision 2018
    As 2018 started, ESC Insight launched a crowdfunding campaign to offer our community an option to support the site as we covered this year’s Song Contest. Ewan Spence talks about how you all helped make Lisbon 2018 a Contest to remember.The post H…

    47 days ago 29 May 18, 8:15am

Junior Eurovision

  • Second round of tickets go on sale today!
    The second wave of ticket sales for the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest have gone on sale. The first tickets available for purchase were standing tickets and today the sale of seated tickets has started. Tickets are available from the website …

    6 Nov 17, 9:46am
  • Countdown to Tbilisi: Meet Malta's Gianluca
    Gianluca Cilia will represent Malta in the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Dawra Tond. The song depicts unity and positive energy and also makes references to popular traditional Maltese rhymes.

    5 Nov 17, 8:30am
  • Countdown to Tbilisi: Get to know Georgia's Grigol
    Grigol Kipshidze will represent the home team Georgia at the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The competition will take place in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, on Sunday 26th November. Grigol's song for Junior Eurovision is called Voice of the H…

    4 Nov 17, 8:30am
  • 10 things everyone should know about Georgia - Part Four
    Lizi Pop, who represented Georgia in the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and will co-host the 2017 contest, continues to takes us on a journey through Georgia. In part four of Lizi's video blog we learn about the world of Georgian dance!

    3 Nov 17, 4:15pm
  • Countdown to Tbilisi: Italy's Choice
    Maria Iside Fiore was born in Carrara in 2004 and lives in Sarzana, Liguria, where she attends the musical section of the local junior high school. She plays clarinet and sings in the school choir. She will represent Italy in the 2017 Junior Eurovisi…

    3 Nov 17, 4:00pm
  • Countdown to Tbilisi: Macedonian singer Mina Blažev wants to dance through life!
    Mina Blažev will represent F.Y.R. Macedonia with the song Dancing Through Life. The singer was born in 2003 in Skopje. Her parents say that Mina first started singing before she could even speak! 

    1 Nov 17, 12:00pm
  • 10 things everyone should know about Georgia - Part Three
    Lizi Pop, who represented Georgia in the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and will co-host the 2017 contest, continued to takes us on a journey through Georgia. In part three of Lizi's video blog we learn about Georgian food.

    31 Oct 17, 2:44pm
  • Countdown to Tbilisi: Nicole from Cyprus wants to be a star
    We are continuing to profile each of the participating acts in the forthcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest and today we focus on Cyprus. Nicole Nicolaou will represent Cyprus at the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Her song, I Wanna Be A Sta…

    29 Oct 17, 11:00am


  • Belgium: RTBF Confirms Eurovision 2019 Participation
    Belgian public broadcaster RTBF has confirmed its participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. In a statement to ESCToday, RTBF has revealed that they will be participating in next year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. There is still…

    2 days ago 13 Jul 18, 10:05am
  • Germany: Call For Participants in the Eurovision 2019 Selection Jury
    NDR has today made an open call for people who want to be part of the nations 100 member Eurovision 2019 selection jury. Germany is already searching for people interested in having their say in who will represent their nation…The post Germany: Ca…

    3 days ago 12 Jul 18, 4:14pm
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: BHRT Turns Down Ralph Siegel’s Eurovision Participation Sponsorship
    The national broadcaster of Bosnia & Herzegovina has turned down an offer by Ralph Siegel to sponsor the nations participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. BHRT has confirmed that veteran Eurovision songwriter and composer Ralph Siegel had ap…

    3 days ago 12 Jul 18, 4:02pm
  • Italy: Junior Eurovision Submission Window Open
    RAI Gulp, the Italian national broadcaster, has opened their submission window for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018. RAI Gulp is collaborating with the Instituto Antoniano, a community services initiative and the main organiser of the children…

    4 days ago 11 Jul 18, 8:34pm
  • Belarus begins recruiting Junior Eurovision 2018 volunteers
    Belteleradiocompany (BTRC), Belarus’ national broadcaster, has begun looking for volunteers for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018. BTRC, together with the Belarusian Republican Youth Union’s Dobroe Serdce (Kind Heart) volunteer organization…

    5 days ago 10 Jul 18, 9:04pm
  • Eurovision’19: Tel Aviv Jumps Jerusalem as Likely Host City
    Following the release of the criteria for hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, Tel Aviv is now the favourite to host next years contest. KAN has today released the criteria for determining the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest…The post…

    5 days ago 10 Jul 18, 6:48pm
  • Malta: Past Eurovision Participants Concerned By X Factor Malta’s Eurovision Link
    Three former Maltese Eurovision participants have expressed their concerns about the use of the X Factor Malta as the nations selection process for Eurovision. The Maltese participants from 2004, 2012 and 2015 have added their voices to a growing deb…

    5 days ago 10 Jul 18, 6:33pm
  • Switzerland: Radio Télévision Suisse Launches Eurovision 2019 Search
    Radio Télévision Suisse, the French language broadcaster in Switzerland has launched their search for songs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. French language broadcaster Radio Télévision Suisse is using its radio station Option Musique to se…

    5 days ago 10 Jul 18, 6:18pm

ESC Daily

  • What we know so far about Eurovision 2019
    With the victory of Netta Barzilai at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, the contest will set up its camps in Israel next year. What do we already know about Eurovision 2019? Where will it be held? When will it take place? And who will take [read more…

    25 days ago 20 Jun 18, 5:20pm
  • Malta uses X-Factor to select their Eurovision 2019 act
    Malta will say goodbye to their Malta Eurovision Song Contest (MESC) to pick their act for Eurovision 2019. The local Maltese version of the talent show X-Factor will be used to find their artist for the contest in May next year. Starting October, br…

    25 days ago 20 Jun 18, 5:15pm
  • Aftermath (14): Netta gives Israel first win in 20 years
    In the last aftermath article of the series, we look back at how the eventual winner from Israel, Netta won the contest, and in doing so, giving Israel their first victory in the contest in 20 years, taking their total win tally to 4. In [read more..…

    43 days ago 2 Jun 18, 8:00am
  • Aftermath 2018 (13): Eleni gives Cyprus best result to date
    She was labelled as the Beyoncé of Europe, because of her dance moves and her ‘hairography’, Albanian-Greek pop star Eleni Foureira gave Cyprus their best ever result, placing 2nd in the grand final. In this episode of the Aftermath we look back…

    44 days ago 1 Jun 18, 8:00am
  • Aftermath 2018 (12): Rybak joins the list of former winners who disappointed
    The comeback of Alexander Rybak at the Eurovision Song Contest did not go according to plan. The winner of the contest of 2009 wanted to go for gold again, but did not even make it to the top-10 in Lisbon. He is not the first [read more...]The post…

    45 days ago 31 May 18, 8:00am
  • Aftermath 2018 (11): Cesár Sampson still can’t believe what happened with Austria
    Arguably the biggest surprise of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 was the top ranking for Austria. Cesár Sampson’s “Nobody But You” was on top of the scoreboard after the jury gave their points. And no one expected that to happen. That the str…

    46 days ago 30 May 18, 8:00am
  • Aftermath 2018 (10): Germany no longer the ugly duckling
    The last three years, Germany finished at the bottom of the scoreboard at the Eurovision Song Contest. But in 2018, Michael Schulte brought the country back to the top, with a fourth place for his song “You Let Me Walk Alone”. The 340 points, eve…

    47 days ago 29 May 18, 8:00am
  • Aftermath 2018 (9): Can Iceland recover at Eurovision?
    For seven years in a row, Iceland was a guaranteed guest at the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. But now, the island has not made it to a final for four years in a row. What went wrong and will things get better? Truth [read more...]The post Af…

    48 days ago 28 May 18, 8:00am

On Europe

  • 14 July – And you ask yourself: Who might be behind them?
    Have you ever wondered how many participants actually represent their home country? I have, and I'm sure there's someone out there who could tell me. Do you think that, say, the Estonian song should always be sung by an Estonian? There have been, of…

    1 day ago 14 Jul 18, 3:45pm
  • 12 July – I feel fire and cold
    If you were watching the last contest from Stockholm, you'll remember a certain interval act. And Måns and Petra might have been onto something. No, not the half-naked drummers wearing nothing but oil, a sheepskin and a smile. I mean the curious eth…

    3 days ago 12 Jul 18, 4:00pm
  • But that’s the limit and I clam up
    More profound words today from our lucky random video. I think the lyricist for today's video did that in more ways than one, as there are not many words to today's song. If you're Belgian, you're probably still in mourning, in that one of your big b…

    4 days ago 11 Jul 18, 6:02pm
  • 10 July – We sing here
    We may think that a Grand Final of 26 songs is the norm now. Some of you may think this is enough, others think it's too many. I do. It was in 1987 when the contest reached new heights with a field of 22 songs. What would we give for a field of that…

    5 days ago 10 Jul 18, 4:00pm
  • All these words we’ll never never never change
    What's this I hear you cry? Another random video? Well it could either be because there's a dearth of birthdays. Or it could be because I wanted to play today's song. You can decide. Today's song comes from our friends in Finland. They have a love/ha…

    6 days ago 9 Jul 18, 6:50pm
  • Still crazy, crazy
    Just to brighten up your day, here's a bit of random whimsy to cheer you along. That's if you're inside, and not out making the most of the weather. I'm off picking cloudberries shortly. It's a song that was the host broadcaster's entry. If you're a…

    7 days ago 8 Jul 18, 10:04am

ESC Plus

ESC Today

  • Romania: TVR returns to Eurovision 2017; participation confirmed
    TVR, the Romanian national broadcaster has confirmed to ESCToday that Romania will return to the Eurovision Song Contest next year. Yes we will see Romania return to our beloved contest...The post Romania: TVR returns to Eurovision 2017; participati…

  • Eurovision 2017: Which countries will compete in Kyiv?
    Preparations are in full swing for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest as Ukraine gears up to host the musicfest next year. Which countries will be joining the party? Will there...The post Eurovision 2017: Which countries will compete in Kyiv? appeared…

  • United Kingdom: Joe Woolford to participate in charity fundraiser
    Joe Woolford, half of this year’s United Kingdom Eurovision entry Joe & Jake, is heading back to his home town to take part in a fundraising event for treatmemt for...The post United Kingdom: Joe Woolford to participate in charity fundraiser appea…

  • Israel: Bonnie Tyler to perform in Tel Aviv in February 2017
    The British superstar Bonnie Tyler who also represented the United Kingdom in Eurovision 2013 will hold two shows in Tel Aviv in the beginning of February 2017. This will be the...The post Israel: Bonnie Tyler to perform in Tel Aviv in February 201…

  • Ukraine: ESC 2017 Committee hold a special meeting for upcoming preparations
    The Mayor of Kyiv Mr. Vitali Klitchsko, chaired a special meeting along with the 2017 Eurovision Organizing Comittee in Kyiv today, in order to discuss the preparations and organization of...The post Ukraine: ESC 2017 Committee hold a special meetin…

  • Australia: Dami Im will be Fighting for love on 21 October
    The 2016 Aussie Eurovision representative Dami Im will be releasing her latest single Fighting for love on 21 October. Dami Im represented Australia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in...The post Australia: Dami Im will be Fighting for love on 21…

ESC Tips

  • 2018: Netta – Toy
    Netta has just won Eurovision 2018 for Israel with a total of 529 points with Cyprus in second on 436. We’ll be returning to Jerusalem for the first time in 20-years!

    64 days ago 12 May 18, 11:02pm
  • Eurovision 2018: Final Preview
    It’s safe to say that this has been the most unpredictable Eurovision of recent years, and once again, our market leader started rehearsals at huge odds. The market leader hasn’t won since Måns Zelmerlöw clocked up Sweden’s sixth win in 2015.…

    64 days ago 12 May 18, 2:02pm
  • Eurovision 2018: 33/1 Cyprus To Win Offer
    Coral have just released this fantastic sign-up offer for Eurovision. Sign up today and get a massive 33/1 for Cyprus to win Eurovision 2018. Sign up here. UK+IRE New Customers Only. Winning bets paid in cash based on the normal price on our website.…

    65 days ago 11 May 18, 10:42am
  • Eurovision 2018: Final Running Order Published
    Following tonight’s second semi-final, the EBU has just released the full running order for Saturday’s Eurovision final. 01. Ukraine 02. Spain 03. Slovenia 04. Lithuania 05. Austria 06. Estonia 07. Norway 08. Portugal — break position 09. Unite…

    66 days ago 10 May 18, 11:59pm

Eurovision Times

  • ETSC 9: Signing Up!
    ETSC – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the highly anticipated the Eurovision Times Song Contest! Each one of you can represent an European country and get to send a song and then vote in a fak…

    5 days ago 10 Jul 18, 7:54pm
  • Former Macedonian Eurovision Singer Vlatko Iljevski Passes Away
    Former Participants – Vlatko Iljevski (FYR Macedonia, 2011) has sadly died aged only 33 years old. He was found dead in his car in Skopje and an autopsy is underway to determine the cause of death. Eurovision Times sends condolences to his friends,…

    8 days ago 7 Jul 18, 11:43am
  • Eurovision 2019: National Selections Underway Already!
    Eurovision 2019 – Some countries are making an early start on their preparations for Israel 2019! France has announced that it will once again use the selection programme  Destination Eurovision after last year’s success, and has already opene…

    14 days ago 1 Jul 18, 5:47pm
  • Is Kosovo Closer to Entering Eurovision 2019?
    Eurovision 2019 – Last week saw the EBU president, Jean-Paul-Philippot meet with RTK’s general director, Mentor Shala, ahead of this week’s EBU general assembly.  The TV station RTK has been independently licensed to broadcast EBU programmin…

    14 days ago 1 Jul 18, 5:27pm


  • newLisandro announces new album
    Last May, Lisandro Cuxi, one of the favourite of Destination Eurovision 2018, annouced that he was working on a second album. While much is still unknown about this future production, Lisandro has given us some hints. #Album2 On May 13th, the day aft…

    2 hours ago 15 Jul 18, 5:37pm
  • newDid you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 28

    7 hours ago 15 Jul 18, 12:10pm
  • newAn Xtra Happy Birthday; 15 July!
    Today we have four Eurostars to celebrate; two girls, two guys. Three of them are “one-timers” while the fourth a “repeat offender”. One performed in English, the other three in their native languages. Two of them did rather well in the conte…

    12 hours ago 15 Jul 18, 8:00am
  • An Xtra Happy Birthday; 14 July 🇦🇹 & 🇨🇿
    Yesterday on 13th of July, two Eurovision female singer celebrated their birthday. Today however, there is only one Eurovision birthday gentleman. Austria selected him to be their representative at Eurovision, although he is originally from Czechoslo…

    1 day ago 14 Jul 18, 6:17pm

Eurovision Quick Links

  • Austria 1963‘Vielleicht Geschieht Ein Wunder’...
    Austria 1963‘Vielleicht Geschieht Ein Wunder’ ('Maybe A Miracle Will Happen’), performed by Carmela Corren.Composition: Erwin Halletz.Lyrics: Peter Wehle.Well, that’s a fabulous opening. Three different phrases before Carmela Corren adds a fo…

    2 days ago 13 Jul 18, 12:00pm
  • BGT 2018 Post-Mortem
    The BGT voting percentages allow us to reverse-engineer what producers were thinking when they put together Sunday’s show. Our conclusion: they got the 1-2 they’ll have expected. Lost Voice Guy won his semi with an impressive 40.5%, almost double…

    41 days ago 4 Jun 18, 9:37am
  • Macedonia 2018 - Eye Cue - Lost And Found

    Macedonia 2018 - Eye Cue - Lost And Found

    (Click here, but prepare for bedazzlement...)Well here's a strange little thing. The long awaited alt pop presentation from Macedonia delivered many things to us - most of them entirely different stylistic directions - and all in the space of three m…

    12 Mar 18, 12:26am
  • Schlagertastic 1980s: Number 45!!!

    Schlagertastic 1980s: Number 45!!!

    No.45: "Go" - Scott Fitzgerald (United Kingdom, 1988)To be honest, back in 1988 the teenage Schlagerboys were oblivious to the majesty of the United Kingdom entry; at the time we were distracted by Denmark. However, twenty eight years later we can o…

    16 Sep 16, 6:48pm
  • Photo


    2 days ago 13 Jul 18, 11:10pm
  • ESC 2018 - a thriller to remember

    ESC 2018 - a thriller to remember

    It is all over and I find myself breathing again. Oh my, what a terrific voting we had in Lisbon. How beautifully the 12-pointers were spread out all over the place and how beautifully the televote then changed everything.This is just the way it is s…

    64 days ago 12 May 18, 11:40pm
  • Ukraine: 2017 Selection Audition Locations Announced
    STB has announced the dates and locations for the auditions to compete in the Ukrainian Eurovision 2017 selection process.STB will once again be travelling around Ukraine ahead of the The post Ukraine: 2017 Selection Audition Locations Announced ap…

    13 Oct 16, 3:42pm
  • Özel Dosya: Eurovision 2019 Sunucu Adayları!
    İsrail’de gerçekleşecek olan 64. Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması’nı kim yada kimler sunabilir. İşte Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması’nı sunması için adı geçen 5 isim. Bar Refaeli Ülkemizde de oldukça popüler olan Refaeli, birçok f…

    5 days ago 10 Jul 18, 4:47pm

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