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1956 Overview

HOST COUNTRY: Switzerland HOST CITY: Lugano HOST VENUE: Teatro Kursaal HOST BROADCASTER: RTSI HOST PRESENTERS: Lohengrin Filipello INTERVAL ACTS: Les Joyeux Rossignols & Les Trois Ménestrels
NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 7 DEBUT(S): Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Swtizerland

Who Won in 1956?

1956 Facts

The only contest in which participating countries have perfomed two songs.

Juries could vote for themselves, Swtizerland did, they also voted on behalf of the Luxembourg jury who had been unable to make it to Lugano, so they too voted for Switzerland! Who says voting controversies are a new thing at Eurovision!

Only the winning song was announced, there is no record of who came second, third etc.

No video footage exists of the complete show. The show was predominently produced for radio as only a few household in Europe would have owned a TV. Footage does survive of Lys Assia's winning performance at the very end of the show.