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2017Yuliya SamoylovaFlame is Burning
2016Sergey LazarevYou Are the Only One3rd491
2015Polina GagarinaA Million Voices2nd303
2014Tolmachevy SistersShine7th89
2013Dina GaripovaWhat If5th174
2012Buranovskiye BabushkiParty for Everybody2nd259
2011Alexej VorobjovGet You16th77
2010Peter Nalitch and FriendsLost and Forgotten11th90
2009Anastasia PrikhodkoMamo11th91
2008Dima BilanBelieve1st272
2007SerebroSong #13rd207
2006Dima BilanNever Let You Go2nd248
2005Natalia PodolskayaNobody Hurt No One15th57
2004Yulia SavichevaBelieve Me11th67
2003t.A.T.uNe ver', ne boisia3rd164
2002Prime MinisterNorthern Girl10th55
2001Mumiy TrollLady Alpine Blue12th37
1997Alla PugachevaPrimadonna15th33
1995Philipp LirkorovKolybelnaya dlya vulkana17th17
1994YouddiphVechny stranik9th70